Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RPL = Rain, Patriots, and Laundry

So last week held a lot of adventure and new experiences for me, which for the most part were enjoyable.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were spent getting ready for my first game experience!  And, let's just say the sky fell out from Monday-Wednesday.  Therefore, everything I had to do had to be done in the rain.  Monday and Tuesday were mainly administrative (emailing coaches and officials, and making sure I had everything I would need) as well a a little setup (locker rooms for visiting teams).  Then the big day was Wednesday!  We had two soccer scrimmages and a field hockey game.  Soccer isn't my sport to cover, but I helped out with set up for that game.  The only way to describe the set-up is that everything was wet, and the rain still kept coming.  We got soaked, but we got everything set up to go.  The only thing that was a pain was dragging the portable scoreboard out because we had to use a different field due to the massive amounts of rain.  That sucker was quite heavy! Then it was time for field hockey, my sport to cover.  It was actually quite easy because we didn't do a full setup due to the rain.  I ran the game clock/scoreboard, and everything went quite smoothly if I do say so myself. Other than that the week at work was pretty uneventful, except a big surprise we got on Monday . . .

We got free Patriots tickets to the preseason game against the Rams on Thursday!!!  V.I.P. parking and V.I.P. lounge passes, and of course great seats (I don't have my pics uploaded yet, but check back b/c I will put some up).  It was awesome!  My coworker and two other interns from communications all went.  The pregame food included beef tenderloin, seafood risotto, and lamb as well as some veggies, breads and deserts.  We listened to a hall of fame member speak (a guy who played OLine back in the day for the Pats), took pictures with the mascot, and the guys took pictures with the cheerleaders.  Then we ventured to our seats, and we had great seats in the bottom bowl around the 10 yard line.  Sadly the Patriots lost, but it was still a fun game.  One cool thing was that my old roommate from Hattiesburg is married to one of the guys who plays for the Rams.  So I got to see him play, first familiar face in Boston, but it was out on the field!

Then it was time for the weekend!  My roommate Alison and I ventured out in Harvard Square on Friday night with the 2 guys who are interns in communications.  It was a lot of fun, and we got late night burritos (not from taco bell).  Then Saturday Alison and I went to dinner and to Inman Square with some of her friends from school.  Lots of fun again!  Sunday we did brunch with this same group at a really cool vegetarian place (no I have not turned vegetarian, but one of the guys in the group was).   And then it was an afternoon filled with couches and TV.

And now the new week work has begun!  Upcoming events for this week include a field hockey game and 8 total volleyball games (we have a tournament this weekend).

My new experience for the week:  I paid someone else to do my laundry!! It was amazing!  I am not a fan of washing clothes, and I have been known in the past to buy new stuff to avoid the process.  I have not had anyone else to do my laundry since I lived at home (minus the times I have brought dirty clothes home when I would visit).  Therefore, this was an awesome experience for me.  You may be thinking, wow you are quite lazy.  But consider the fact that I don't have a car, there is no washer and dryer in my house, the closest laundry-mat is like 2-3 miles away, and I usually wait about a month to wash clothes.  So a process I already do not enjoy would become even more of a pain because I would have to haul a heavy laundry bag all over town.  So, I decided to visit Flint's Cleaners  and it was a great experience.  They are located right around the block from my house, and I just dropped off on Saturday and picked up on Monday.  I could really get spoiled by this whole process!

Also another interesting fact I have learned about Northerners is that they assume all people from the south enjoy country music.  I have had at least 4 people shocked by the fact that an Alabamian native is not a fan of country music.  Just because the music comes from the south doesn't mean I have to like it!

Well that is all for now!!


  1. You would be in trouble if you didn't have the cleaners around the corner.

  2. I can't believe you still don't like country music after we had it playing at the our party.