Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Working Hard for the Money!

So my job has begun!! And so far it has been great.  I am working with a girl who ran track at Michigan, went to Northeastern for grad school, and is training for the 2012 Olympics.  She is extremely nice, and very tall (which I guess compared to me doesn't take a whole lot).  Her and I share an office which is beside the gym that staff gets to use, which is awesome.  Right now the gym hours are a little restricted, but once the semester starts back I can fit in a work out after I get done with work!

Well, my first day was yesterday, and we didn't really do a whole lot.  Basically we got a tour of all the athletic facilities (which are nice but don't really compare to huge sports schools).  Then we went to lunch with both of our bosses.  Our "big boss", as I like to call him b/c he is over our other boss, has worked at Harvard for 25 years and is full of knowledge about everything.  His sister owns a restaurant in Harvard Square area so we went to lunch there.  Then we got a tour, and a lot of his knowledge, of Harvard Square.  Then it was back to the office for about an hour.  I know, sounds like such a rough day.

Today was my second day, and again it wasn't very stressful.  Basically this morning we spent some time getting familiar with the computer systems and organizing our schedules.  I will be covering field hockey (never seen a game in my life), women's volleyball, and we will both be covering football (yay, my fav sport).  So I went over some info for each of those, and organized my calendar.  I know my job sounds so thrilling already, but I promise it will pick up soon!  Then it was lunch time so I walked home (only half a mile away) and ate.  Then the afternoon was spent riding around in the new golf cart looking at facilities.  Again I know it sounds oh so stressful, and I am sure many of you are wondering how I have survived so far.  But soon the sports' seasons will begin, and my work will really kick into full gear.  The first game I will be covering is August 25th, I will get to witness my field hockey game!  They have an astro-turf field, and they actually water it before games so the ball rolls/slides/whatever easier.

So before I kinda had no idea what in the world I would be doing for this job besides working events.  But I have now found out some of my duties and I am excited to start.  Basically, I do a lot of the logistics work for the games (scheduling student workers, reserving fields, setting up fields, payroll for workers, managing officials, and a lot of other background work that goes into the games).  Some of you may not think this sounds interesting or appealing, but I love it b/c I know sporting events can't function without it.

Story for the day: So on the first day we met whole lot of people.  The girl I work with is from Chicago, so everyone would ask where we were from and just kinda nod when she told them.  Well, when I said Alabama I got a few pauses, and wow you are really from the south responses.  Although one lady (head women's basketball coach) told me m accent was very disappointing because it wasn't southern enough, haha!  Guess I will have to bust out a few more y'alls and fixin' too's.

Until later. . .

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  1. just caught up on all your posts. it is SO FUNNY reading about you experiencing northern culture shock since I had the reverse coming down here. I laughed out loud about your fan because that's how we roll. I was home last week at my moms and i was SWEATING even with 2 fans so I got back to auburn on sunday and was warm in my bed with my fan on and i realized ummm i have AC here and cranked it up. looking forward to reading your blog!