Monday, August 16, 2010

Bachelor's + 2 Master's = Bathroom Duty

Well this weekend was pretty uneventful, but still enjoyable.  My roommates all went out of town for the weekend, so I had the house all to myself.  Being the pretty independent person I am, I usually enjoy alone time every now and then.  While I did enjoy it some, it was very weird having an empty house.  Made me miss my doggie, Max, and his cold noes!

Well my weekend began early on Friday.  I got off work at 12:00 because I was coming in Sunday to work.  I went to eat with the girl who works with me, the new assistant field hockey coaches and the 2 new assistant men's soccer coaches.  I discovered the joys of the business building dinning hall, they have everything!  Then I went home, grabbed a blanket and a book, and decided to enjoy the beautiful weather.  If you know me, then you know I love books.  You also know I love the sun.  So I found a spot in the park by the river with the sun shining on me, and camped out on my blanket for an afternoon of reading.  If I had to imagine what Heaven would be like for me, this would be pretty close.

Saturday was a lazy day.  I spent the morning inside, and then explored Harvard Square some more.  I found where the new Anthropologie will be opening at the end of this month (yay!).  Then I gave my mom a tour of my house on Skype since she didn't get to adventure up here for the move.  And then I spent the night reading and catching up on some TV.

Sunday was my first day to work an event!  The Boston Breakers (a women's professional soccer team) play their games at Harvard Stadium.  They bring their own event crew, so we are basically just here in case anything goes wrong.  My day consisted of delivering a microphone, opening parking lot gates, turning on lights, replacing paper towels b/c our maintenance crew wasn't working, getting the score board up and running, taking down the flag at the end of the game, shutting the gates, and getting the microphone back.  Everything was great, except the flag part.  I am not usually afraid of heights, but this got my adrenaline pumping.  We had to climb to the very top of the stadium, walk around the top to the flag pole, and then proceed to get the flag down.  Well the wind was blowing, and the flag is 3 times my size.  I pretty much was afraid the whole time that the wind would whip me off the top of the stadium.  But we got it down, and I survived.  So not a whole lot to do, but it was still fun to begin working events.  It was also nice to start off slow at my first event.  

So, not very eventful as far as weekends go.  But I am still enjoying Boston, and the weather has been amazing.  I actually slept with my fan off last night, I know crazy!

Funny Story for the day:  This doesn't really have a lot to do with southern/northern differences but I found it amusing.  As I said earlier we had to replace paper towels in the women's restroom during the soccer game.  We usually have a maintenance crew who does all this work, but they were not working the game today.  So my boss and I had to do this ourselves.   We have a pretty friendly operations crew that is hired to work our games (gates, parking, etc).  As I was walking past a couple of them carrying my paper towels, they started laughing.  Then one said, I bet you never thought that after 4 years of undergrad and 2 years of grad school that you would be put on bathroom duty.  I just had to laugh to myself, because even bathroom duty is enjoyable when you are doing something you love!

Well that is all for now, I hope to have some more eventful experiences to share soon!

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  1. as long as you didn't have to clean the toilets :)