Monday, October 25, 2010

Cold Weather is Creeping into Boston

I know I have been terrible about updating, but my schedule keeps me extremely busy.  But I will take the time now to update you on life the past few weeks.

As for work, things are pretty much the same as usual, just continuing to get busier.  I am still loving the job, and of course the people I work with.  I have had a few more volleyball games, field hockey games, and home football games.  I was actually in charge of one Football game while my boss was out of town, and everything ran smoothly!  I have started my winter sports coverage, which for now is Men's and Women's Ice Hockey.  I haven't seen a men's game yet, but I saw my first women's game this past Saturday.  And I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  We also hosted a Lacrosse tournament on campus about 2 weeks ago, and I got to see my first lacrosse game (both men and women).  Not sure how I feel about that sport yet, but it might grow on me once I see more games.  Other than that, work is pretty much the same as usual.

Life in Boston is still great!  The group of interns in the athletic department have begun hanging out more, and we have had some fun times.  My roommate and I continue to enjoy the city as well.  No adventures in the city that are extremely exciting, but I have settled into the city now so I feel like it is just normal everyday living here now.

Yesterday I got to experience something new, Head of the Charles.  It's one of the largest boat races in the world if you haven't heard of it.  It was interesting, but also a little boring.  They do staggered starts, so you really can't tell who is winning b/c it all depends on their end time.  But it was cool to watch, along with the hundreds of thousands of other people there.  There were some teams in the race from southern schools which I thought was neat.  Thankfully since I work at Harvard I got a prime spot to watch at Weld Boathouse (women's boathouse). Here are some pictures:

Some exciting news for this upcoming weekend:  Malisa is coming to visit me!!  She will be here on Thursday, and I am extremely excited!  I will update next week about our adventures this weekend.  Then in November Ashlea is coming to visit me, and we already have tickets to a Celtics game.  Can't wait to show both of them around Boston!

And now for my difference between Boston and the south. . . . IT'S ALREADY COLD UP HERE!!!!  I wear a coat everyday, and at night it gets down into the 30's.  Crazy to experience this in October!!!  But anyway, that is all until next time!