Monday, September 27, 2010

Flying back South!

I have not been keeping up with my blogging lately, so sorry!  Work and life in general have been extremely busy, but I will give you an update now.

First, let me thank everyone for keeping me in their thoughts.  My situation at home has been resolved by me moving to a new house!  My roommate Alison and I decided that the best solution would be to find a new house to move to, and we are now settled in at the new place.  We have now been there for about 2 weeks, and so far it is much better.  The moving process was quite stressful, but everything is done now. I will try to take some pictures and post later of the new place.  We still live in the same area, and I am still able to walk to work.  So everything worked out well!
Alison moving stuff to our new house in my grocery cart.

As for work, things have really picked up and I love it!!  I have had a few field hockey games, and we had our first home football game.  Field hockey setup and game management has become quite routine, and I have begun to really enjoy watching the sport.  It is an extremely athletic sport, and I feel like I learn new rules and aspects of the game at every one I attend.  Football was a completely different experience for me, coming from the SEC.  My role was basically just providing support where needed on game day, so I got to help out with a recruiting BBQ.  It was extremely interesting noting the differences from my experience with Auburn recruiting to this event.  The event was a large BBQ (burgers and hot dogs cooked by the coaches and staff) for all sports that had recruits in for the weekend.  It was a much more relaxed and simple event than what I was used to with football recruiting.  Basically I just floated around, made sure food didn't run out, and made sure no one was there that shouldn't be.  And of course I got to enjoy the food!  During the game, we stood on the sidelines for the first half, and the second half we collected tables and signs that had been placed out before the game.  Then, my job was done for the night.  This game occurred on the same night that Auburn played Clemson.  So as soon as the game was done, my roommate and I headed into the square to find a TV to catch the end of the game.  Wow, I got to tune in right as the stress began.  Glad Auburn pulled through!
Bit of an empty stadium at the Harvard football game.  The rest of the stadium had more people, but this was the faculty and staff section.

Harvard vs Holy Cross

Work was slower last week, I only had one field hockey game.  I went to the Red Sox game on Tuesday with the other interns at work.  Lots of fun!  Then on Thursday, I flew back down south!!

I flew to Hattiesburg on Thursday night to visit my roomie Caroline, because her birthday was the previous Monday.  I had loads of fun, got to see lots of people I miss, and ate a ton of good food!  I really enjoyed my time with everyone!  I got to drive Caroline's car, I was totally afraid I had forgotten how to drive.  I got to eat at all the yummy places I have missed (even though I have found some good food here, I must say the South has better food-might be why Mississippi is the fattest state).  I got to lay out by the pool, because 65 degree weather doesn't exist in South Mississippi yet.  And I got to watch a full Auburn game on TV, from beginning to end.  This was the first one I had watched all season, and it was a good one!  Then on Sunday, it was time for me to fly back.  And I had quite a long day at the airport.  My flight was supposed to go to Memphis and then to Boston, however due to flight delays I had to switch to flying into Atlanta then to Boston.  But I did get upgraded to first class, so that was nice!  Got home at 1:00 am this morning, and headed into work at 9:00 am.
I got to drive!!! Don't worry I was stopped when I took this picture.

Yummy Crescent City food!!
I have another Northern vs Southern experience to share.  On my flight to Mississippi, I had a flight from Boston to DC, then DC to Jackson.  It was really amusing to notice the differences on the flights.  My first flight was very quiet  (except for the obnoxious little child behind me).  Then I get on the place to head to Jackson, and the entire atmosphere changed!  Everyone was talking to everyone else, figuring out if they knew similar people, making business and personal connections, etc.  It was quite amusing.  I got to sit by the sweetest older lady who was flying from Virginia to Jackson to visit relatives.  She doesn't fly very often, so I helped her out with her seat belt, food tray, and getting her carry-on down.  It was actually quite refreshing to be surrounded by so many friendly people.  Not saying that I have met rude people in Boston, but it is rare to see people go out of their way to get to know complete strangers.

Well, that is all for now!  I tried to upload some pics into this blog, but it isn't working currently.  So pics to come soon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bump, Set, Spike!

Sorry for not updating sooner, but life has been crazy for the past couple of days.  Work has definitely started picking up.  This past weekend was a dive into the world of event management.

Friday (9/3) was the beginning of a long (but enjoyable) weekend for me.  We had a women's volleyball tournament starting on Friday and ending Saturday night.  I watched a total of 8 volleyball matches, and I feel I am now an expert on the sport.  My basic responsibilities for the tournament were set up and break down, hiring a staff, working with the refs on any needs they had, and anything else that popped up along the way.  It was a long weekend, with a lot of girls who made me feel quite short.  The hardest part of the weekend was the temperature in Friday in the gym.  The volleyball courts are on the fourth floor of one of the athletic facilities, and there is no air conditioning.  The building was recently painted, and the windows were painted shut.  Let's just say I began to sweat just sitting in a chair.  The heat index in the gym got up to 97 degrees on Friday.  Luckily Saturday was a lot cooler (and I got to leave the gym for a little while due to a Field Hockey game).  Overall the tournament was a success!

As I said, there was also a Field Hockey game on Saturday, and one on Monday.  These ran very smoothly, thanks to our awesome workers from the Ice Hockey team.  Harvard won both games, and the events were a success.

Then Tuesday was my day of rest!!  I had the day off, and besides visiting the grocery store, I stayed on the couch with a book.  It was amazing!  I did make a purchase at the grocery store that made me feel like I really live in a city now.  I bought a small grocery buggy to take to and from the store with me since I have to walk there.  It kinda makes me feel like a homeless person, b/c just being honest I see them with these all the time.  But I do believe it will be a wonderful thing to have!  It helped me with my groceries on the way home, so I am already enjoying it.

Then it was back to work on Wednesday, and this week has been rather relaxing after the craziness of last week.  We only have a football scrimmage, which is today.  Our staff isn't doing a lot with this event, so I will have a nice relaxing weekend.  My roommate Alison has some friends coming into town, so we will be hanging out with them this weekend.  Should be fun!

On a side note, I am currently dealing with a stressful situation where I live.  So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  Hoping everything works out for the best!